Best Techno sets (February 2018)

Best Techno sets (February 2018)

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Best Techno sets (February 2018)

Tune 3

Len Faki Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1)

This week was very hot in the world of electronic music. A lot of releases, many wonderful issues for real lovers of Techno style.

Tune 2

Adam Beyer Drumcode 'Live' 392 (Recorded Live Awakenings, Eindhoven, 27th January 2018)

The next position is a well-known DJ from Swedish Adam Beyer. Introducing positive release with a new sound in the new Drumcode 'Live' 392 (Recorded Live Awakenings, Eindhoven, 27th January 2018). All tracks are selected issue in the best traditions of the Adam Beyer radio show, which has high position in the Techno music listeners.

Tune 1

Charlotte De Witte Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1)

Well, the very top for today's review took the next issue of trans DJ Charlotte De Witte from the %country%. This powerful blend of Techno compilation tracks and exclusive supply in the best traditions of Charlotte De Witte. We presented the new Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1). 120:00 high quality sound. You can find this episode Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1) tracklist and download with the best quality and high speed.


01 Luca Ballerini - Preludio (Origine) [SIAMESE]
02 Cleric - Moxie [SOMA]
03 JustLocal - Dedication [NORTHALLSEN RECORDS]
04 Maxime Dangles - Dew Of Heaven [SKRYPTOM]
05 Charlotte De Witte - Look Around You [NOVAMUTE]
06 JTLZ - Damped [LABRYNTH]
07 Krag - Despade [SVEN WITTEKIND]
08 747 - Tethys [AQUAREGIA]
09 Charlotte De Witte - Silence
10 Charlotte De Witte - Control [NOVAMUTE]
11 Charlotte De Witte - This (Lewis Fautzi Remix) [SUARA]
12 Ambivalent - Drag (Amotik Remix) [ENEMY]
13 Guillermo Dr - Distorcion [DREIZEHN]
14 Spiros Kaloumenos - Vector [DECOY]
15 Charlotte De Witte - Breathing
16 Lutzenkirchen - Radium (George Makrakis Remix) [ECLIPSE]
17 Charlotte De Witte - Remember
18 Setaoc Mass - Left Behind [INVOLVE]
19 Robert S - Young Raver [TRAU-MA]
20 Mooz - It's A Trap (Carera Remix) [HIDDEN SUITE]
21 Linus Quick - Der Brunnen [AUDITION]
22 Amotik - Teis [AMOTIK]
23 Charlotte De Witte - The Healer
24 DjRUM - Showreel (Part 1)