Best Dubstep shows (February 2018)

Best Dubstep shows (February 2018)

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Best Dubstep shows (February 2018)

Tune 3

Sashwat Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz (Volume 104)

3 position - Sashwat with his magnificent Dubstep radio show, which comes out every Wednesday on Radio Di.Fm. And on Wednesday held a regular release Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz (Volume 104) dedicated to Dubstep music. It is very deep and the really cool sound of Sashwat. All 59:15 minutes Sashwat holds the listener in a positive and the really cozy atmosphere.

Tune 2

Noizekid Diplo & Friends

The absolutely amazing sound from dj Noizekid & Holly in genre Dubstep. This DJ knows how to make a half-turn of the public. Beauty supply style - it is a good tradition of Noizekid & Holly. Letm e introduce Diplo & Friends.

Tune 1

Dyro Spinnin Sessions 247

Well, the very top for today's review took the next issue of trans DJ Dyro from the Netherlands. This powerful blend of Dubstep compilation tracks and exclusive supply in the best traditions of Dyro. We presented the new Spinnin Sessions 247. 60:00 high quality sound. You can find this episode Spinnin Sessions 247 tracklist and download with the best quality and high speed.


01 Redondo - From The Soul [SPINNIN' DEEP]
02 Dankann - I Want To Be With You [SPINNIN' PREMIUM]

04 Dante Klein & Dylan Jagger ft. Feli Ferraro - Contagious [SOURCE (SPINNIN')]
05 Sagan - We Are Lost [SPINNIN' COPYRIGHT FREE]

Spotify Top 100
06 Bougenvilla - Nagini [SPINNIN']
07 Gianluca Vacchi - Trump-It [SPINNIN']
08 SWACQ ft. Jordiz - Kayos [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
09 Carta - Imma G [SPINNIN' PREMIUM]
10 Dropgun - Krishna [DHARMA (SPINNIN')]

Dyro & GTA played:
11 Dyro & Goja ft. Joe Taylor - Alive [WOLV]
12 Mike Cervello & GTA - Bad Gyal [BARONG FAMILY]
13 Habstrakt & Dombresky - Antigone [MAD DECENT]
14 Tony Romera - Fire Inside [CONFESSION]
15 Masayoshi Iimori - Hardcore [FOOL'S GOLD]
16 Falcons & GTA ft. Stush - Buyaka [FOOL'S GOLD]
17 NGHTMRE ft. Bret James & RNSOM - The Killer [MAD DECENT]
18 Dyro & GTA - Talkin' Bout [SPINNIN']
19 Eliminate - Kingpin [TWONK]
20 Zomboy & Eptic - Bop It [NEVER SAY DIE]
21 Gammer - The Drop [MONSTERCAT]